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고준호 박사는 도시대학원의 부교수로 재직 중이다. 한양대학교 부임 전에는 서울시의 정책연구기관인 서울연구원에서 연구위원으로 10여년간 근무하면서 교통분야의 다양한 연구경험을 쌓았다. 연구수행 분야는 대중교통, 친환경자동차 보급계획, 교통혼잡완화 정책 등이며, 서울연구원 세계도시연구센터장, 연구조정실장의 직책을 수행하였다. 국토해양부 및 서울시 교통영향분석개선대책위원회와 서울시 녹색성장위원회 위원으로 참여한 경험도 있다. 미국 조지아공대에서 교통공학 박사학위를 받았다.


Joonho Ko, Ph.D., is an associate professor of the Graduate School of Urban Studies in Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. Before joining Hanyang University, he was a research fellow in the department of transportation systems research in the Seoul Institute, the think tank of Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea. In the institute, he actively conducted various transportation studies, including public transportation, green car deployment plans and congestion mitigation strategies. He has served on various committees charged with the assessment of traffic and environmental impacts from transportation projects. He earned his Ph.D. in transportation systems engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.



학력 (Education)  


2006 미국 조지아공대 박사

Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.

2002 미국 조지아공대 석사

M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.

1999 서울대 환경대학원 도시계획학 석사 (교통관리 전공)

M.S., Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

1997 한양대학교 도시공학과 공학사

B.S., City Planning, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, 1997.



관심분야 (Research interest)


지속가능교통체계, 통행행태, 스마트모빌리티

Sustainable transportation system, Travel behavior analysis, Smart Mobility


경력 (Work experience)


2006.9 - 2018. 2 서울연구원 연구위원

Research Fellow, The Seoul Institute, South Korea, Sep. 2006 - Feb. 2018.

2016. 2 - 2017. 1 미국 조지아공대 방문연구원

Visiting Scholar, Georgia Institute of Technology, Feb. 2016 - Jan. 2017.


수상경력 (Awards)


대한교통학회 학술발표회 우수논문상 (2011.2, 2013.10)

Excellent Paper Awards, Korean Society of Transportation, Feb. 2011 & Oct. 2013.

대한국토도시계획학회 학술발표회 우수논문상 (2018.10)

Excellent Paper Awards, Korea Planning Association, Oct. 2018.

한국ITS 학회 학술발표회 우수논문상 (2018.11)

Excellent Paper Awards, The Institute of Korea Intelligent Transport Systems, Nov. 2018.

한국도시재생학회 2020 하반기 종합학술대회 우수논문상 (2020.11)

학술활동 (Academic activity)


Associate Editor, International Journal of Urban Sciences

대한교통학회 회원 (Member, Korean Society of Transportation)

대한국토도시계획학회 회원 (Member, Korea Planning Association)

한국ITS학회 회원 (Member, The Korea Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems)

한국환경정책학회 회원 (Member, Korea Environmental Policy and Administration Socieity)

한국지역개발학회 (Member, The Korean Regional Development Association)


국제학술논문 (International journal publications)


Abbasi, S., Ko, J., and Kim, J. (2021). Carsharing station location and demand:

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(Corresponding author)

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income and age groups. Transportation Research Part A. Vol. 141, pp. 147-166 (SSCI)

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Cho, H. W., Chilukuri, B., Laval, J., Guin, A., Suh, W. and Ko, J. (2020), Genetic algorithm-based simulation optimization of the ALINEA

ramp metering system: a case study in Atlanta. Transportation Planning and Technology. Vol. 43, No. 5, pp.475-487. (SCI)

(Corresponding author)

Kim, D., Park, Y. and Ko, J. (2019). Factors underlying vehicle ownership reduction among carsharing users:

A repeated cross-sectional analysis. Transportation Research Part D. Vol. 76, pp.123-137. (SSCI) (2019.11)

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Evaluating the environmental benefits of median bus lanes: a microscopic simulation approach.

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프로젝트 수행실적


지속가능한 서울시 스마트 모빌리티 체계 구축방안 연구 (2020), 서울특별시

인구변화 대비 지역거점 육성을 위한 인프라투자 방향: 비거점지역 간 연계인프라 확충 방안 검토 (2020), 한국개발연구원

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